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What are Balance Bikes? Balance bikes are simply wonderful training aids used to help a child learn balance without the use of training wheels.

Which is best; a metal, plastic, or wood balance bike? It's okay to be confused and not know which one to buy and it really comes down to the buyer’s preference. Wood balance bikes are usually made from a 10-15 ply Baltic birch plywood and generally give the look and feel of a cute toy and appeal to eco-friendly consumers. Metal balance bikes give more benefits in the way of being a real bike and are stronger than wood bikes. Plastic balance bikes are a bridge between the two using composite technology to make the bike lighter and flexible and corrosion resistant. Plastic balance bikes can also be made from recycled materials. Wood balance bikes are more categorized into the toy category versus our metal balance bikes being real bikes.

What age groups are balance bikes made for? They are made for kids 1.5 to over 9 years of age.Balance bikes are not only for young children learning to ride a bike but older children who haven’t learned yet or children with special needs.

What types of tires do balance bikes have? Balance bikes come with air or EVA tires. Pneumatic (air-filled) tires can be inflated with your everyday tire pump. You are able to adjust the softness of your tires with air. EVA foam rubber on some balance bikes are a dense foam that never needs maintenance. They are great on concrete and inside, but may be slippery on slick surfaces like gym floors or gravel.

Do your balance bikes come assembled? Most bikes we sell come 85% assembled and include detailed instructions for assembly. Assembly consists of inserting seat post, attaching front wheel and handlebars.

How long will it take to learn balance? This is a difficult question to answer and it depends upon the child's physical abilities and the amount of time they use it. Be patient, learning balance is just one of the benefits achieved with our bikes.

What sort of warranty comes with these balance bikes? All bikes have a 1 year warranty minimum and most have a 3 year or lifetime warranty. See individual products for warranty information.