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About Early Rider Bikes: We make bikes, the very best kids bikes.

What we do is try to make the very best bikes accessible to the most people possible. Simple. It's a battle we can't win but it's one we fight passionately and I'm pretty sure we're the best at it too.

We'll put it this way, we've certainly cut enough steel and cut out enough middle men to be the best. If guile and persuasion fail to find us the right part or the workable price - we'll make it ourselves before thinking about compromise.

The pedals, saddles, cranks, sprockets, stems, belt tensioners, hubs, axles- all ours, they are all bespoke and each an illustration of our commitment. Others may find it difficult to justify this investment in time and tools, but we don't because we are setting out with the lofty ambition of making bikes that inspire a lifetime as well as last one.

That, and the fact we're talking about a kids first bike - a pretty worthwhile consideration in our book too.