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Glide Bikes - Easy to Glide, Fun to Ride

GlideBikes Balance Bikes

Glide Bikes are light and safe, weighting in at just 8-10 pounds. This allows children to easily handle and manipulate the bike without any fear that it will be too heavy to operate. Glide Bikes are also designed to allow balance at the slow speed of 2 mph. Riders as young as 18 months can begin their bike riding adventures easily and safely with Glide Bikes.

Seat Height
Glide Bikes Ezee Glider: 11" - 16.5"
Glide Bikes Mini Glider: 12" - 17.5"
Glide Bikes Go Glider: 16" - 25"
Glide Bikes Super Glider: 26" - 37"
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GlideBikes XL Seat Post Glide Bikes Mini Glider 12" Balance Bike Glide Bikes Go Glider 16" Balance Bike
GlideBikes XL Seat Post
Our Price: $15.00

Most of us have learned how to ride a bicycle by using training wheels; however, training wheels leave out one very important element when it comes to mastering the skills of bike riding, balance! It is the inability to balance while riding a bike that makes it so challenging to transition from training wheels to a traditional two wheel bike.

Glide Bikes are built low to the ground, designed with low speed geometry, and the omission of chains, pedals and gears. Glide Bikes are able to set up anyone with the best possible scenario for learning balance, allowing them to be more confident and achieve more in less time.

The design of every Glide Bikes model makes it the perfect learning tool for children of all abilities, including those with special needs. The bicycle’s capacity to balance at slow speeds allows children to become familiar with the feeling of balancing early on. The bike continues to give them more and more confidence as they begin to spend less time with both feet on the ground, and more time balancing.

Glide Bikes are designed so that children, while seated, could place both feet on the ground at any given time. Their feet operate as both the gas and the brakes. “Running” with the bike generates the momentum needed for kids to begin experimenting with balance, and if a child ever feels uncomfortable or about to fall they simply need to place their feet on the ground to avoid falling over.