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Kids Bike Safety

When we see a kid's bike, fond memories of younger days flood our mind. Even though the present times are not as safe as they used to be years ago; due to ever increasing road traffic, it would not be right to deny our children the thrills of riding a bike. Once we instill in them the practice of safe-riding, there is no reason why they cannot enjoy biking. The responsibility is on us, as elders, to make sure that our children follow bike safety norms at all times. It would be foolish to think misfortune strikes only others and not us!

Insist on a helmet always
Statistics show that kids in excess of 300,000 are treated in emergency room for bike-related accidents. Most head injuries can either be prevented or made less serious if helmets that conform to state safety norms (prescribed by CPSC or Consumer Protection Safety Commission) are worn. Make sure the kids bike helmets fit just fine, and are neither too tight nor too loose and the strap is fastened, always. Please note that Bern helmets that are carried in our store have been designed to conform to all safety standards specified by CPSC.

Proper outfit is essential
Your child may be very good at riding a bike, but it is your responsibility to see that your kid has the right outfit that does not cause any inconvenience while riding. Do not encourage headphone as they can be a distraction while riding. It also a smart idea to recommend shoes rather than flip flops or sandals when first learning to ride a bike.

Carry out a safety inspection
As a parent, remember to carry out a safety inspection of your child’s bike regularly. Make sure all the parts are working fine such as the brake, the tires, handles, etc. The chain and oil need to be checked too.

Ask them to play safe
Impress upon your child the importance of being watchful and alert while riding on the road. Impediments like potholes, puddles, mud, etc. have to be seen from a distance and avoided. Instruct them to stay on the right side of the road and while crossing intersections, it is better to walk with their bikes. Teach them bike hand signals so that other drivers and riders can follow them from a distance.

Biking can be made enjoyable for your kids if you teach them all the safety rules.