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Kids Learning Balance on a Balance Bike

Balancing can be difficult for younger children, and balance bikes area great way to help them develop balancing skills. Once children learn balance skills on balance bikes, they will be ready to confidently tackle 2-wheel bikes, and that will boost their confidence. As an added bonus, the more confident children become, the faster and better they learn new things.

Apart from helping to instil confidence, balance bikes have other benefits for children as well. Just as regular physical exercise is important for healthy adults, children also need to exercise. Health and fitness studies have shown that children benefit from undertaking exercise that raises their heart rate to 140 beats per minute at least once a day. A great and fun way to do this is on balance bikes. Research has shown that children who undertake regular exercise are much more likely to continue doing so when they reach adulthood. The health benefits of exercise for adults are well established, so helping children develop a positive attitude to physical activity from a young age will be a great benefit to them in the future. Parents who encourage their children to be physically active will help those children develop excellent motor skills, and will help them be open to learning new activities.

There is evidence to show that children who are encouraged to develop their motor skills from the earliest age tend to perform better academically as they grow older. Children who undertake physical activity from infancy through to adolescence achieve high results academically. Studies by the Swiss biologist and child psychologist, Dr. Jean Piaget, have established that early motor and sensory intelligence provides a solid foundation for the development of other social, physical and mental skills later. In the simplest terms, this means that activities that help a child with motor skills and sensory perception will help that child in trying to understand the world in which he or she lives, and will also help him or her develop emotional stability.

From a very early age, a child starts to learn about the surrounding world by experimentation. The child feels everything around it, and eventually begins to sit up, crawl, stand and finally walk. Initially, all these skills will be difficult for the child, and movements will not be very coherent. The child will fall many, many times. Gradually, the child's skills improve, and so does posture and fluidity of movement.

By the time the child undertakes the first school exams at around age six, he or she will have mastered the art of basic balance. It is likely that children who have more advanced motor skills learn better simply because they can concentrate on what they are learning, and do not have to devote any attention to coordinating their physical movements and posture. As they advance in age, these features help them to improve speech, language learning and good behavior. In later life, a good grounding in these skills paves the way for developing higher precision motor skills such as those used by pilots, surgeons, musicians and so on. Balance bikes are an excellent way for children to learn balance and coordination skills, skills that will help them throughout the rest of their lives.