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About the name
The name MUNA was taken from the Filipino word pronounced (moo - na) meaning (first ) and paying tribute to these bikes hopefully being your kid’s first real bike.

Why choose MUNA
We feel very strongly that a kid’s first experience on two wheels should be both positive and fun. Our bikes are designed and developed with this in mind. Principles like quality and durability have not been overlooked and whichever model you are selecting in our range, you can be assured you are purchasing a quality bike.

Small Bikes with Big Attitude

First impressions count! Starting with our 12” balance bikes, our bikes look like real bikes. We often hear “but it looks like a real bike? “, well, that’s because they are real bikes. They have real tyres with real tubes and even real handbrakes. These bikes are not toys and hence our tagline “Small Bikes with Big Attitude “.