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Stampede Bikes Balance Bikes

When it comes to having your toddler or young child riding their first push bike, you want the experience to be as safe and enjoyable as possible. Stampede Bikes balance bikes offer a fantastic balance between appearance and function which should permit your son or daughter to be having the time of their life while you are assured of their security.

The frames themselves are made from metal alloy and weigh about ten pounds. While the framework is heavier than many other versions of balance bikes, the added weight gives both Stampede Bikes models a weight capacity of 110 lbs and keeps the cycle steady on uneven terrain.

Stampede Bikes' dedication to quality materials does not stop with the framework - the tires on these push bikes are air-filled tires with an adequate rubber treading. The construction of the tires allows the bike to function under less-than-perfect road and weather conditions without any concerns encompassing your child's safety. Stampede Bikes balance bikes' construction also helps to make themselves feel like riding an adult bicycle, that will aid in your child's transition from running bike to pedal cycle.

The construction of the bicycle also includes several safety features for small riders. There is an easy-grab handle on the rear of the seat, allowing supervising adults to help the rider. All sharp edges on the cycle are carefully hidden so that no mild injuries can happen from the cycle itself. Stampede Bikes has a great comprehension of young riders' habits as well - the handlebars are completely flexible for learning appropriate steering techniques that are encouraging.

One of the major design aspects that set Stampede Bikes balance bikes away from other balance bikes in their class is their decision to never contain any type of footrest or pedal replacement on their models. While there may be a bit of a learning curve for young kids just beginning to use their TykeByke, better mobility is enabled by the lack of pedals and decreases the risk of injury.

One other layout feature that is great is the handbrake, which works much like those on adult bicycles.

With all these brilliant and intuitive layout features alike, the Stampede Bikes running bikes sell for an extremely decent price and are suggested for children ages 3 and over. These push bikes leave all their customers highly fulfilled, and are attractive and long-lasting.